Technology can be Frustrating!

Our first ECMP 455 class  left me with a lot of thoughts  about my experience teaching with technology.   During my internship,  the students did have a computer lab and they went to computer class once in a six day cycle.  At the class, they would practice basic computer skills and programs.  I soon realized that trying to incorporate technology into learning can be very difficult without the proper equipment.  For example, when I tried to show the students a video about World War 1 during my mini-unit for Remembrance Day,  it did not work.  First of all, the computer lab did not have a projector and screen set up, so I had to battle with the help of another teacher to try and set up the projector.  We did manage to get it set up, but then the computer would not play the video.  It had worked in my classroom, so I offered to show it there.  That failed too because the classroom computer was too old to hook up the projector to it.  I was very frustrated, but we worked hard and managed to get it running in the lab.  The computer teacher I was working with got a laptop for someone else in the school and got the video running.  The only problem now, no speakers that would work in the computer lab.  We could not find a cord for any of the speakers in the lab.   The students watched it and listened very, very closely.  I do think the students liked watching it, but they never got the full impact of the video.  The experience was a major eye opener to me.  I learned about some of the struggles teaching with technology.  It can be very frustrating and discouraging when the proper equipment is not readily available for a teacher!


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