Using Technology for Teaching

Today I watched a video that Alec posted a few weeks back called A Vision of Students Today.   I found the video very interesting because it shares the point of view of students in university.   Most of it did look familiar and common in many classrooms.   Many students use cell phones, I pods, laptops and other things in classroom settings.  They may use it for educational purposes, but more likely it is for personal reasons.  The video made me think about the importance of technology in school.  I was left with these questions. Why don’t teachers use more technology in their lessons?  Why don’t we use the interests of our students and incorporate it into their learning?  Many theories in education state that we should teach to the interests of our students, yet we seem to neglect incorporating technology interests into our lessons and activities.  What if teachers used some of these programs to teach and educate their students?

Also,  in the video it stated how a student completed only 49% of their readings  assigned and only 26% was relevant to their life.  That really stuck in my mind.  Why do we teach students things that are not relevant to their lives?   Education is a  tool  to prepare students to live a successful life,  yet we fall short on giving them some important tools to use in their future.  Technology is a major part of our society and I think that it is important that we teach students more about using it.

As educators we are supposed to meet the needs of all learners, so why don’t we start using more technology in the classrooms.


One response to “Using Technology for Teaching

  1. Krystal:
    Have you ever heard of the connectivism learning theory? I did a post about it and I think it fits nicely with your post here:

    Also if you are interested in a few more eye catching stats check out the video I have posted at:

    Interesting stuff!

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