Mentoring Program

On Wednesday our we had a very exciting online ECMP 455 class.  During our Elluminate session, we had educators from all over the world join us to share information about how they are currently using technology in their classrooms.  It was amazing to hear about all the wonderful things teachers are doing with their students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in various subjects ares.  I was especially excited to hear about all the primary grade activities because I am currently finishing my Early Childhood degree, so I want to find ideas for my future classrooms.

The purpose of our class talking with these teachers is that we are going to start a mentoring program with their students.  The assignment varies depending on the age level, school and teacher.  Our job is to work with the teachers and students on the current programs they use, as well offer any suggestions or new ideas we may have.  Many of the teachers have a classroom wikis or blogs for their classrooms. This  is a learning opportunity for everyone involved!

Also, it is definitely an opportunity to build my PLE and PLN (Personal Learning Environment and Perosnal Learning Network).  I have already been in contact with a few educators on twitter and I am so excited to talk more with them to get ideas and resources for teaching my students.  I am looking forward to this mentoring program working with new teachers and students.  This is an amazing opportunity for me to make connections with these people and gather resources for my lessons. I know this is only the beginning to my personal learning network!


One response to “Mentoring Program

  1. You have a great attitude about the assignment you have been given. There are so many teachers doing interesting work online with their classes. You will have a totally different view of what is possible than students taking classes at other colleges and universities who simply talk about what is happening in the world of education. I look forward to seeing how your projects develop through your blog.

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