Needing Inspiration…..

I am starting to feel the pressure of my university classes and life in general.  I haven’t had much time on my computer in the last week, so I feel a bit behind.  I am trying to organize myself so I do not end up in a super stressed situation, but I feel like I am at stand still.  I have began to investigate and discuss with some educators about ideas for my major digital project in ECMP 455 class, but I can not make up my mind.  I am a little nervous about where to start or what to do, so I am hoping that someone can give me a little inspiration to take the challenge and start working on it.  The assignment is very open to trying new ideas and using different technology tools.  I am not completely confident with using technology, but I want to challenge myself to try something new.  I would like this assignment to be beneficial to my career and something that I can use in the classroom with my students.   I am open to any suggestions or ideas other people used or have tried with their students.  I would love to hear from others and gather ideas so I can get started.  I think I just need a little push in the right direction…..which ever way that is?


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  1. go the iPhone. maybe consider the broad possibility of applications that would be useful – i’m currently assessing a range of early childhood apps on iPhone and think there is a real place for them as we move forward to support children’s development. Portable technologies can revolutionise the way we use space in the classroom – plus if you have some good ideas, a developer might pick them up…

  2. What if you picked a topic that you really love and develop a mini-unit around that topic using tech resources and tech activities? For example, if you are interested in the rainforest, start a delicious account and bookmark links. Find and develop cross-curricular activities for students about the rainforest.

    Enjoy this time 😉 It goes so fast!

    Kelly Hines
    4th grade teacher, North Carolina, USA
    (and member of your prof’s Twitter PLN)

  3. My classes have done couple of interesting things: creating powerpoint books or Microsoft Reader books and testing out student reaction to digital books. Or simply observing the impact of Firefox supports such as Click-Speak and right-click dictionaries on student reading comprehension. Or supporting writing by using WordTalk so students can hear their writing during the editing process. Just a few thoughts.

  4. Hi Krystal,

    How about doing a project on Digital Storytelling, using different Web 2.0 tools, and a common theme? For example, in Language Arts you could use a great poem and break down the content using Photo Story, Podcasting, Digital Video, Comic Life. You bring in curriculum easily by hooking into the Writing Process. You could also do History, Science, etc
    I can provide resources and support.


  5. Crystal, I don’t know you, but got a tweet from a little birdy that you were looking for some inspiration. I’m not sure I’ve got inspiration, but encourage you to think about some use of technology that makes your life easier and in turn will make the life of your students easier (when you get them). What I mean is look for something that adds value to the work you are doing/want to do. I’ve been a teacher for a loooonnnnggg time and I keep playing with technology because I’m always looking for something that helps me do what I want to do better (By better I mean easier, or faster, or explains it in a way I couldn’t before, allows others easier access to something, etc.) Some things that I’m currently using that I like, incorporating Diigo into the research that I’m doing with my research groups. We share links (the easy use of Diigo), our ratings of studies to confirm reliability, notes on pertinent topics, create lists of links that have the necessary data for our database, etc. It makes my life easier, because I can do all of this without leaving the link.
    Another is Geogebra for helping my students understand/visualize/explore mathematical concepts that they couldn’t ‘see’ before.

    Again, I can’t tell you what to do, but I thought I would stop by and offer some encouragement. If nothing else, figure out how you can use Twitter to communicate routinely with your students and colleagues to share information. It might be helpful to someone, sometime.

  6. What grade level are you interested in? No matter what grade I teach now, I will incorporate wikis for their ease of use, nice design, and flexibility of collaboration options. Key to learning and the world is the ability to truly join with others to create something (report, research, solution, theory, etc.) useful, better, and positive. The teacher can start with simple directions, lessons, links online. The start students commenting on ideas/writing/projects. Finally, ask students to edit/collaborate on the wiki for the project. Or dive right in and collaborate — the form allows such differentiation and options, including embedding Voicethread, UStream, etc. It’s a great place for drafts before a final draft in a report or blog. Create one and try it out. Something to think about it. Good thinking to you…

  7. I am in charge of giving students technology tools as a form of expression, organized and respectfully. This is a challenge form me and the students, I’m actually designing a study to be conducted on the impact of technology in education. Maybe we can share some ideas and /or results.

  8. Crystal, we are using the Ning platform to create social networking sites for special projects and other courses. One Ning specifically is for an 8th grade project ( called Creative Scholars Project. Using this social networking approach as allowed for more dialog between all parties involved as well as given the teachers the ability to monitor progress in real time. In addition, we have moved away from a final paper as a way to measure the student experience, but instead are letting the 8th graders decide what their end product will be – a play, formal speech, poster session, art, etc.

    The ning is invite only, but if you are interested in exploring this more, just let me know and I will send you an invite.

  9. Hello Crystal,
    As Roland stated above, I cannot tell you what to do, only offer some encouragement, by way of a question. Have you found yourself totally engaged in some aspect of your learning this term? Something that captured your attention, took you away to someplace else? Is there an application that drew you in and time flew? Reflecting on what you found fascinating may lead you toward the project you want to do…not sure if this helps, just trying to help…

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