Digital Storytelling

I have decided on doing my major project for ECMP 455 on creating a digital story.  I have never created one before and I am very excited to get started.  Last week,  several people sent me links and resources  on twitter to help me get started on the project. As well,  on Friday I made a visit to the school where I completed my internship and made arrangements to work with the grade four students on this project.

On my visit I met with my cooperating teacher to explain my goals and ideas, as well with the technology support teacher.  My cooperating teacher is very excited to get started and learn how to create the stories, so she can continue making them with her students.  The technology support teacher and I spent time discussing the programs to use and created an outline for my project.  We planned out the materials I would need to get started and any materials I will need while teaching the students.  It was very resourceful to hear her ideas and advice for my project.  She gave me some suggestions on where to get started and told me that she would help me along the way.

I left the meeting feeling really confident about my project and excited to get started.  Now, I have to start gathering my thoughts and creating a lesson plan to deliver to the students.  It is really comforting to know that I have a lot of support from everyone involved to get my project up and going.  I think that is a a major key for trying new things because that support  is what will help me through all the challenges and celebrate my success!  As well,  the students are really excited to get started on the project.  They do not know exactly what I will be teaching them, but they know that it includes them using the new computers.  In January, the school got all new computers, including laptops that can be moved into the classrooms, so the students are ready to try the computers.  I can already see the first step in my project is getting the students familiar with the laptops and developing rules/procedures for them to follow while using the computers.

I am truly looking forward to this project and I know this is an amazing learning experience for myself and the students.  As well,  I know it will be very rewarding to work with all these supportive people!


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