Learning More About PLE

During  my ECMP 455 class last night,  we discussed the importance of visual design and how to use it successfully for presentations.  We talked about how good images, less text and appropriate colour and sound really enhance a presentation.  Then, we shared things about what not to do when creating a visual presentation for an audience.  It was really interesting to spend time discussing and analyzing various pictures and presentations online.  I think that this was a really important topic to cover because so often we have to make presentations for colleagues, students or other professionals which should be appealing to the audience.

We had to complete a few tasks on visual design during the class.  One was to search for a good slideshow on SlideShare.  As I was searching,  I found this slide on Personal Learning Environments (PLE) by Graham Attwell.  It is a good visual presentation and helped me understand more about what a PLE really is.  As well, it really shares the importance of finding your own PLE and using it to collaborate with others and exploring new things.  I did understand the concept behind PLE, but this slideshow captures the whole meaning through images, text and voice for a deeper understanding.  The slide ends with two questions: “What a Personal Learning Environment is? What can we do with that Personal Learning Environment?”

I am creating my own PLE through this class by exploring and using various forms of technology.  My blog has been a window to open my thoughts for others to read and reply with advice and support.  I am teaching myself new concepts, as well as collaborating with others for ideas and resources.  I think that we all need to find our PLE and what we do with it is endless.  Personally, I am finding that the more time I spend collaborating and sharing with others, the more opportunities there are for me to expand my PLE.


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