Blogging Buddies

Blogging Buddies

Last week,  I received an email from my Professor Dr. Patrick Lewis from the University of Regina.  His email was in regards to a blogging program that he does with his second year education students at the university.  He offers the blogging program for his ELNG 325 class, which focuses on teaching writing.

I had completed the course a couple of years ago and when I took it,  I was involved with the test run for the blogging program.  We were the first group to start blogging with Kathy Cassidy’s grade one students.   I can remember how exciting it was to work with her students and get that hands on experience with young writers.  For my class,  we each had a blogging buddy that we responded to their blog a few times a week.  When I first started,  I remember how hard it was to translate invented spelling and understand what my buddy was trying to tell me.  As time went on I definitely could see an improvement in their writing from all aspects.  My buddy’s  spelling was better, he had clear thoughts and ideas, as well he used punctuation.  The program definitely had benefits for both the grade one students and the pre-service teachers.  At the end of the semester we went and visited the students at their school to celebrate our blogging journey.  It was a very rewarding project and I am lucky to have been able to experience it.  I am glad to see Dr. Patrick Lewis is continuing to work with Mrs. Cassidy’s grade one students on their writing process.

Technology definitely opens the door to new and exciting learning experiences for both teachers and students.  It is amazing how a simple blogging program can provide so much learning for everyone involved. I hope you check out the program my professor has developed with Mrs. Cassidy’s grade one students.  It is very inspiring for teachers to start blogging with their students.

Here is a link for the K12 Online Conference that Dr. Patrick Lewis and Mrs. Kathy Cassidy put together about the blogging buddy program.

Here is a link to Dr. Patrick Lewis ELNG 325 classroom blog.


One response to “Blogging Buddies

  1. My students LOVE their blogging buddies! Thanks for being part of it, Krystal. I’m glad to see that you are blogging yourself now.

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