First Interview Experience

Yesterday,  I had my first job interview with Saskatchewan Rivers School Division.  I was really nervous about going to it because this was my first teaching interview.  Prior to the interview I had been working hard on creating a portfolio.  It included various items including; my resume and reference letters, professional development certificates, unit plans, lesson plans, pictures, assessment tools, etc.  I wanted to create this to support my interview and give the division an idea about my teaching experiences.  Honestly, I think that I was so worried about my portfolio, I forgot to focus on thinking about what questions might be asked.

During my interview I was nervous, but I stayed calm.  At first, I felt like I was stumbling on my words, but it did get easier as time went on.  The questions were not too difficult and I was able to answer from my personal experience.  The questions mainly focused on instruction, assessment and classroom management.  I was not asked one question about technology or my experience with using it.

As for the hours I spent on my portfolio, well I opened it a few times during the interview and shared some examples.  Other than that, there was no time to browse through it and share all the items I put in it.  I learned from the interview that school divisions want to learn more about you through the conversations of your experience, rather than a portfolio.  I do think that portfolio’s are good for supporting an interview and they do help you explain your ideas.  I will definitely take my portfolio to all my interviews, but I will make sure and focus on my responses and use the portfolio as supporting evidence of my experiences.

Overall the interview went well and I left the room feeling confident.  It was definitely a learning experience for me, so now I know what to expect during a interview.  I know that every interview will be different, but I have a better understanding of how it works.  Already I have been thinking about my next interview and how I can work on my responses so I am not stumbling on my own words again!  I know that the interviewers do understand that we are nervous, but I want to build my confidence so I am ready for any question.  As well, I have already thought of some questions that I wished to of asked during the interview.  Next time, I will try and create a list of any questions before the interview because it is hard to think of them while your under pressure in the meeting.   As for a job opportunity, this division does not start hiring until about May and June, so I am left to wait and see what jobs are posted later.


4 responses to “First Interview Experience

  1. Glad to hear you had a good interview. I work for SRSD 119 (Sask Rivers) at Carlton Comprehensive High School. If you do end up working up here in or around PA, be sure to drop me a line! We need more graduates of Alec’s courses to proselytize for technological revolution…

  2. I am sure you did very well, Krystal. Congrats on getting the interview, and getting through it. And, I think that is a really important thing to remember. Interviewers really do like to focus on the individual, if you are going to the right fit for the school, for the students, and if you actually seem like you are going to care about your job.

  3. Jacqueline Reid

    Hey Krystal. Congratulations on getting an interview. Sounds like you did a great job. Any school division would be lucky to have you.

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