Midterm Review

I can definitely say that my last semester is going by really fast.  I can not believe that I only have a little over a month before I am completely done my university degree.  Honestly, I am feeling the midterm pressure and my stress level is high!  I have tried now for days to write a new post, but my life has taken me in different directions. On the weekend, I started to panic because I had a two day First Aid and CPR course, then I had to work on a group presentation, as well as two other assignments for Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Needless to say I did not have anytime to work on any projects for my ECMP 455 class.  I realized this week how important it is to keep up  with everything, yet there are times when I have to let go of somethings, so I do not burn out.

Also this week, I was able to see how important technology is in my life.  I have always said that I am not a technology person, yet I use it everyday.  I use it for various things including personal, social and professional purposes.  For example, my  group project relied on the communication of text messaging and emails to get through or presentation planning as well as share documents important to our topic.   Technology is definitely makes collaboration easy with communication tools so easily available.  As well, for our presentation we created a PowerPoint for a visual aspect in our presentation.  Our PowerPoint was a collection of pictures to support our information and we had no text on it!  I learned a few weeks ago in ECMP 455 the  importance of using quality images for presentations to capture the audience.  We found videos on You Tube to support our topic and music on the internet for the presentation.  Without technology, our presentation would have looked much different.

Another way I have been using technology is through email, twitter, skype and msn chat.  These past few weeks I have been relying on these tools to  help me with assignments and  planning.   Last Friday, I used skype to call Teryl Magee, a grade four teacher from the United States, to make arrangements for my mentoring project.  It is an amazing tool to use for connecting with others, which not only allows you to chat, but also use video.   From our conversation, we decided that I will be calling her classroom this week and discussing with her students facts about Canada.  As well, I will be sending pictures of Canada for them to see.

A major tool I use all the time is email, I find that I am checking my email several times during the day.  I use email to keep in touch with family, friends and peers.  For my other mentorship project, I have been constantly emailing with Sheri Edwards, to finalize plans for our project.  I will be working with her grade six students on their classroom wiki to create and edit a school newspaper.  For my mentoring projects,  I created a second blog to communicate with the students and an introductory video.  If you are interested in watching it, I posted it on my all about me page.

Technology also plays a big part for my teaching career opportunities.  Now, for all my interviews, I am contacted through email for job opportunities and appointments.  As well, school divisions post all their job openings and applications forms online for easy access.  A few divisions even have a complete online application process.

I definitely have learned a lot this semester about the importance of techology in the classroom as well as our lives.  Although I think that I am not a technology person, I need technology in my life.  By taking time to reflect, I use technology more than I ever realized.  My confidence is building from my experiences and the more time I spend exploring new technology tools and communicating with others the more I learn.  I appreciate having this opportunity to develop my PLN and I understand the importance of establishing a support system.  I know that the key to my success with using technology is collaboration and communication with others.  I know that this is only the beginning to my journey with technology, but I look forward to my continous learning through my personal learning network and personal learning environment.


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  2. Any idea if there are similar blogs like this related to read?

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