Digital Stories About Storms

Prairie Storm

This week, I have been busy planning and preparing for my visit to Carlyle Elementary School.  I am going there on Friday to start our digital stories.  My cooperating teacher and I have decided to have the students create their stories about a personal experience with weather storms.  The students have already completed writing a short story about a storm, so the first step is to organize their ideas into a story board.  I have created a story board template for them to map out ideas for images and text.

I have sent a note home explaining our project and asking students to bring relevant pictures to scan for their stories.  As well, I plan to have the students search online for real images of storms.  I am a little nervous about the students searching for images, so I am going to find specific sites for them to find pictures on for the stories.  I have done a brief search on flickr and the storm photos are amazing!  If anyone knows of a great photo website the students can use, I would love to hear about it.

I have never created digital stories before, so this whole process is new and exciting for me and the students.  I am a bit nervous about the project and how everything will come together in the end.  I think my biggest struggle is that the students I am working with are two hours away from me, so I can not work on it whenever it is convenient for me.   It has taken some major planning and organizing schedules to finally get my first visit in to work with the students.  Also, I am not sure of how long it will take the students to create their digital stories.  I know that I will be making a few trips to the school in order to get the projects complete.

During my planning, I am definitely learning the importance of collaboration and support from others.  I am relying on support from my cooperating teacher to help me distribute notes and inform the students about the project.  As well, she is booking the computers and other equipment we need for the project.  The school division technology support teacher is helping me with gathering equipment and resources for this project.   Also, many people on twitter have sent their ideas and support for creating my project.  These ideas and resources have helped me develop a thorough lesson plan.  I definitely feel more confident about this project from all the support and guidance I have received over the past few weeks. Thanks everyone! I will keep you updated with my progress on creating digital stories with my students.


One response to “Digital Stories About Storms

  1. Is this for your major project? If it is, maybe you could use Jing (a video tool, that shows your desktop) and you could make a tutorial. So if they have easy questions they could get them answered there? Just a suggestion.

    PS – I love your idea and I will probably ‘steal’ it. Congrats!

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