Creating My First Digital Story

On Thursday, I created my own digital story using Photo Story 3.  My story is based on my personal experience in a Saskatchewan storm.  I decided to focus my story on storms because the students I am working with have wrote personal narratives about storms for creating their digital stories.

Before I started creating my story, I read through an excellent online resource that has step by step tutorials for using Photo Story 3.  It had ideas about planning, finding pictures and using the program to create a story.  I found this resource very helpful because it had detailed descriptions as well as screen share tutorials to walk me through each step.

Here is a brief description of the step by step process for my digital story:

First: Created my own story board (including text and pictures)

Second: Created a file for my digital story (photos, text, etc)

Third: Searched and saved images for my story

Fourth: Imported pictures into Photo Story 3 and saved my story

Fifth: Followed the step by step process to edit images and add transitions

Sixth: Revised my story board (added and deleted text/ pictures)

Seventh: Recorded my narration (I choose not to add music to my story)

Eighth: Saved my video to my computer

Overall the process was very simple and easy for a beginner to use this program.  I definitely would recommend referring to the JakesOnline resource if you are creating your own story using Photo Story 3.  I think that this program will be great for my students to learn about making digital stories.  As well, this experience will help them become familiar with the process of planning, creating and editing digital stories.


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