ECMP 455

Currently I am taking ECMP 455 at the University of Regina.  Click below to learn more about the descriptions for assignments in this course.

ECMP 455 – Assessments

Summary of my Assignments:

Personal Blog:

Documentation/ Development of PLN/ PLE:

For my documentation of this course I have created a google document through my account.  This document contains details of the new programs I have used through my experiences in this class.  As well,  contains information about my PLN/PLE.

-To develop my PLE/ PLN I have started to use various tools including: Twitter, Skype, WordPress, Google Reader, Delicious

Major Digital Project: Digital Storytelling

The project is on digital storytelling.  I will be working with the grade four students  I taught in my internship this past fall.  I plan on having them create, edit and publish their own digital stories.  As well,  I will be making a wiki for the teachers at the school to use and create digital stories with their students. I may be able to present this wiki and information for a professional development day at the school.

Digital Storytelling Resources:


Student Mentoring:

I am working with two teachers and their classrooms for my mentoring program.

1) Sheri Edwards and her grade six students

2) Teryl Magee and her grade four students


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